The first step in becoming a client is to attend an introductory session.

The Introductory Session is a presentation reviewing the Creighton System and Naprotechnology. This system is a natural and cooperative method that allows for women/couples to meet their reproductive goals in a safe, effective, and inexpensive way. Women who utilize this service may be wanting to plan, space, or avoid pregnancy. Introductory Sessions are required by every client couple/individual before meeting for one-on-one follow-ups. The presentation contains general information regarding fertility indicators. It is only when the client couple/individual meets with the Practitioner that the couple/individual will be able to use this method effectively. Please see the list below of upcoming Introductory Sessions and the date/time/location.

Registration is REQUIRED. Please email to sign up and for more details. Please provide your name, number, and how many people will be attending.

 2018 – Upcoming Introductory Sessions

January 15 – 6pm-8pm
February 5 – 7pm-9pm
February 19 – 6pm-8pm
March 5 – 7pm-9pm
March 19 – 6pm-8pm
April 2 – 7pm-9pm
April 16 – 6pm-8pm
May 7 – 7pm-9pm
June 4 – 7pm-9pm
July 2 – 7-9pm
July 16 – 6-8pm
August 6 – 7pm-9pm
August 20 – 6pm-8pm
September 3 – 7pm-9pm
September 17 – 6pm-8pm
October 1 – 7pm-9pm
October 15 – 6pm-8pm
November 5 – 7pm-9pm
November 19 – 6pm-8pm
December 2 – 7pm-9pm
December 17 – 6pm-8pm


Every client couple/individual has a minimum of 8 follow-ups over the course of one year (more may be necessary depending on what reproductive category you fall under). After attending a required Introductory Session, the client will have the opportunity to sign up for a follow-up 2 weeks following the Introductory Session.  During these follow-ups I will educate and consult with the client couple/individual regarding their reproductive goals, whether it is because the client wants to achieve pregnancy or avoid pregnancy. This is done through simple charting and observation of mucus observations.