Fiat FertilityCare Center is a service that focuses on reproductive education and fertility appreciation. The center teaches the Creighton Model FertilityCare System. Unfortunately, today women believe their only option to maintain their reproductive health is through contraception and artificial reproductive services. Thankfully, these are NOT your only options. The Creighton System and Naprotechnology are areas of reproductive health that educate women and couples about fertility/infertility indicators. Once these areas are understood, this system is JUST AS EFFECTIVE as artificial means to prevent pregnancy and substantially more effective in aiding women who may think themselves infertile, to achieve a pregnancy.

Jamie Rajthen
FertilityCare Practitioner
KPFM, 220 Southbrooke Dr, Waterloo, IA

Meredith Simon
FertilityCare Practitioner
Dr. Robert Pranger
Medical Consultant, Naprotechnology
Waterloo, IA
Linda Jacobs RN BSN FCP
FertilityCare Practitioner